Ask many people where they want to be at 2pm on Thursday 16 June and they will reply "in front of the telly". With England v Wales playing in the Euro 2016 tournament, perhaps employers will get a surge of holiday requests or spurious sickies on that day. The first game of Euro 2016 starts on Friday 10 June and the final game is played on Sunday 10 July but there are plenty of weekday games scheduled during normal office hours that are likely to cause a headache for employers. 

Employers would therefore be wise to anticipate the fact that their employees may wish to watch some or all of the games by adopting a formal policy on the working arrangements during this period. This might include allowing employees time off work to watch the game on a TV in the office, temporary flexible start and end times so that employees can do their work around the fixtures or possibly even a reminder that it is business as usual despite the sporting activities so at least employee expectations are managed. Whatever you decide is right for your business, thought should be given before Euro 2016 kicks off.