A study by the Resolution Foundation has found that less than 3% of disabled people who had been out of work returned each quarter. The report has called for the government to learn from the "success" of the maternity policy and allow employees who have disabilities or long-term health problems a similar right of return to work within a year as that allowed to new mothers on maternity leave. Disability Rights UK has said that this deserves the "fullest consideration".

Employers are already required to comply with the protections afforded to disabled employees by virtue of the Equality Act 2010, not to discriminate, directly or indirectly, and to make reasonable adjustments to facilitate the return to work and alleviate difficulties or disadvantages faced by the disabled employee.

It is broadly proposed that having similar notification requirements and having a clear right to return (and, it is suggested, protection from dismissal for a year) will facilitate a better dialogue between employer and employee and encourage more disabled people back to employment.