The Ministry of Justice has published the Tribunal statistics for January to March 2016.

During this period, there were 5,100 Employment Tribunal issue fees requested and it appears that only 9% of these cases were not taken further.

A total of 4,200 single claims were received (down 1% on January to March 2015), and 25,100 multiple claims (up 56% on last year driven by a large airline multiple case received in January 2016).

In January to March 2016, the Employment Tribunal disposed of 3,800 single claims (down 6% on the same period in 2015). The decrease could be due to a reduction in the number of sittings, the receipt of more complex cases and a fall in the volume of cases going through the system following the introduction of the Employment Tribunal fees in July 2013 and Acas Early Conciliation in April 2014. A total of 9,300 multiple claims were disposed of (up 24% on January to March 2015).