With reports of snow on the way, it is possible that many employees and employers will be adversely affected by the bad weather. Set out below are 3 tips to help you deal with such a situation: 

1. Be prepared - many employers will have a policy which is applied in these situations so that employees are clear in advance about how they should report such their difficulties and how any resulting absence from work will be dealt with. Such a policy also helps to ensure that all employees are treated in the same way, which minimises the risk of discrimination allegations.

2. Be flexible - employers would be wise to think practically about how such disruption can be dealt with, for example, can the employee work from home instead or can the employee make up the lost hours at some other time? Whilst this type of working arrangement might be far from ideal, it may in fact result in more productivity overall.

3. Be legal - remember that legal rights may be triggered, for example, the employee may have a legal entitlement to take unpaid time off work to care for their dependents because, say, their child’s nursery is closed as a result of the snowfall and they have no other childcare cover. 

Snow can be a real headache for employers to deal with but thankfully it will melt away and normality will resume soon after. In the meantime, remember the above tips to avoid frosty relations with your employees.