Recent research has shown that potential employers appear to be rejecting those applications that are submitted by Muslim-sounding names. If this is true, it is a clear case of race/religious discrimination. 

If a successful claim of race discrimination is brought by the candidate, compensation can be significant. There is no cap on the amount of damages that an Employment Tribunal can award in a discrimination claim. The level of compensation awarded is based on two main elements - firstly, the loss of earnings suffered because they were refused the job and secondly, an amount to compensate for the hurt they have been caused (known as an award for "injury to feelings"). 

Employers who are recruiting should ensure that their recruitment processes are fair and non-discriminatory in all respects. Those who undertake the sifting and selection process should be trained in equal opportunities and ideally, the forms would be anonymised to ensure that subconscious prejudice and bias do not influence the decision-maker. Decisions should be made on merit and not on preconceptions about the person behind the application form.