Mr Lewis touches on the food industry in the article.  

Business rates are of course currently cited as a major headache in a number of bricks and mortar businesses in the broader leisure sector. 

They have arguably had a hand in the recent (well publicised) collapses and closures in the casual dining world earlier this year. The so called 'casual dining crunch'.

Those collapses and closures may simply be corrections.  A realignment.  Market forces facilitating a form of commercial natural selection.

Even if that is the case, it is still important to question whether or not the current business rates set up is fair? Is it having a de-stabilising effect in certain areas? Do the valuations withstand careful scrutiny? Is the regional weighting correct? Are those online parts of the leisure and retail sectors, operating out of town warehouses with minimal or no business rates to pay, being given an unfair advantage?  

This topic deserves continued attention, analysis, and consideration.