The Modern Families Index 2019 has been published and its findings make for quite a read. It reports that 86% of working parents want to work flexibly but only 49% of them do. Employers may well be missing a trick in not offering such arrangements as the survey also found that 68% of those with flexible work arrangements were more likely to want to stay in their existing job (compared to 48% who didn't have flexible working). 

The report, conducted by Working Families and Bright Horizons, makes various recommendations to resolve the situation, for example making the statutory right to request flexible work arrangements a day one right (currently an employee needs to have at least 26 weeks of employment) and making it a legal obligation that employers consider whether a job can be done flexibly and setting that out when advertising a role. 

The report also highlights some other difficulties encountered by working parents, from lack of promotion to additional hours needing to be worked and from technology creep blurring the work/home boundaries to negative impacts on sleep, exercise and diet due to work demands. Employers wanting to better their workplaces will want to analyse and address any such matters in their own businesses.