Danny Baker is the latest celebrity to have lost his job over a social media post. However, he is certainly not the first. Even just recently, there have been many high profile examples, from Shila Iqbal, an actress who lost her job on Emmerdale after historic racists tweets came to light to Israel Folau, a rugby player who lost his Rugby Australia contract after he posted a homophobic tweet. 

Clearly the use of social media poses risks for employers so what can be done to mitigate this? 

1. Introduce a comprehensive social media policy, making it clear what is expected of employees. 

2. Ask employees to sign an acknowledgement that they have read and understood the policy. 

3. Give employees training to ensure that they truly understand your expectations. 

4. Issue regular reminders and update policies as necessary to ensure they are kept relevant and in the forefront of the employee's mind. Provide further training from time to time too. 

5. Ensure you have permission to monitor your employees' use of your IT systems. 

These simple steps might help an employer avoid some of the risks that social media use brings.