I'm a Celebrity is famed for its kiosk attendant - first Keith and now Kev. Both are unsmiling, unwelcoming and generally unpleasant to be around. All good on a reality TV entertainment show but what if these personalities resemble employees in your workplace. Is it simply a case of saying to HR "He's a grump, get him out of here"? 

Well the short answer is that it is probably not that simple, especially if that individual has been employed for 2 or more years as they will then be protected by the laws of unfair dismissal. That means that both a fair dismissal process must be followed and also there needs to be a fair reason for the dismissal. 

That said, the more welcoming news for employers in this situation is that personality clashes involving employees or where a customer has asked not to deal to a certain employee can potentially be a fair reason to justify that individual's dismissal. Usually this type of situation falls within the catch-all dismissal category known as "some other substantial reason of a kind such as to justify the dismissal of an employee holding the position which the employee held", commonly referred to as "SOSR". However, the employer must try and resolve the issue before jumping straight to a dismissal process. Therefore, the employer should first explore whether the employee can change their behaviour, be moved elsewhere (for example, to a different team and away from the complaining customer) or whether mediation might achieve a more harmonious work environment for all.