A fascinating item by BBC News : the first analysis of disability pay gaps in the UK has been published by the Office of National Statistics using newly reweighted earnings data from the Annual Population Survey.

As always with pay gap information, in addition to the headline hitting  stark gaps, the most interesting and truly revealing aspects come from drilling down into the figures for the detail.  

So the BBC reports from the ONS publication  that:-

  • London has the widest disability pay gap at 15.3%, Scotland the narrowest at 8.3%
  • The gap is widest for those in their 30s and 40s
  • Disabled females were generally paid 10.1% less than non-disabled females in 2018, narrower than the pay gap for disabled and non-disabled males at 11.6%
  • But employment rates for disabled men and women were similar at 51.7% and 50.4%

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development commented that the data underlines the struggle facing many disabled workers.

The ONS report is highly recommended.