A PR business based in Manchester is in the news for offering its employees the option to book "hangover days".  This is alongside other perks such as unlimited holiday and flexible working arrangements.  Rather than a sickie, a "hangover day" is described by the business as a day working at home, in PJs on a sofa.  It is a workplace perk that relies on the honesty of the worker - who doesn't have to lie about taking a sick day.  A hangover was deemed to be a sickness by a German court recently but many workers would be unlikely to want to admit a hangover to their employer.

In the festive party season, a hangover day or two would probably be popular flexible working option.  It may even lead to improved productivity.

As with all such perks, employers should monitor the taking of days and make expectations clear.  The PR business in question has said that it has not been abused so far, but it would have to have a think if it were used 2 or 3 times a week or if client meetings were missed.