In my view, probably not. 

Whilst I am sympathetic to landlords in circumstances where their tenants have defaulted on rent and arrears have accrued, I struggle to see how a specialist court will speed up the process. Surely time and money would be better spent in trying to improve the existing county court system?  Unfortunately, I am seeing a rise in the number of landlord clients who, following possession proceedings, are having second thoughts on whether a buy-to-let investment property is worth it. Often, whilst there will be a rent deposit which a landlord is able to draw down from, this will be insufficient to cover the arrears and landlords will be out of pocket by having to incur legal costs. Whilst a judgment is normally obtained for the arrears, it is rare in my experience that a landlord is able to enforce the judgment and recover the full amount of the debt and I would urge a landlord client in these circumstances to consider whether it is worth throwing good money after bad.  I do agree that something needs to change rapidly to address this and to avoid an increase in the shortage of rental properties.