Next Friday is BREXIT Day the day the UK leaves the European Union.

Over the last 3 and a half years we have been told many things about BREXIT and as things stand we do not know what will happen. The government has been dropping heave hints though. This article outlines what could happen very clearly but what are the opportunities.

To put what follows In context I am Chairman of the European Society of Construction Law, an organisation for all of construction law in Europe not just the EU, in particular Switzerland is an active member and we have just been joined by the Ukraine and hoping to have Turkey join the society this year. So let’s be positive and take a moment to look at the opportunities both existing and future.

The UK has been at the forefront of construction law across the world and will remain so. Our regulations are some of the toughestin Europe and often set the lead for europe. There is no reason for them to change.

We have the chance to lead the world on issues like climate change and renewable energy. Some prices will rise, some may fall, but perhaps we should think what good wein the construction industry can do as a result of BREXIT.

And remember, especially for all my European connections, we will always be friends and can always do business.